Deco-Gems are jewels made exclusively out of natural sapphires. It’s an art form that perfectly highlights the essence of the sapphire in its design. Its beauty is utterly untouched by other materials, resulting in a piece of art that will make your home shine. 


For the first time ever, a collection of 120 different designs, ready to be admired in the comfort of your home.

Extravagant colours and a groovy design, that's what being Funkadelic is all about. These are the designs that can make any home feel more funky.


Animals are some of the most majestic and awe-inspiring lifeforms on Earth. Here you can find all the Deco-Gem designs that were inspired by all kinds of different animals.

Modern art pieces can really light up a room, so what about a modern Deco-Gems piece? Find out by looking at all the different designs we made!


Flowers have been one of the biggest inspirations in jewellery design for ages. That's why this is a collection of all the beautiful designs that were inspired by flowers.  

Here you can find all the designs that were inspired by classical jewellery. By combining classical jewellery design with our view of what interior design should look like, we have created some dazzling results.


These are the Deco-Gem pieces that repeat a certain pattern. It is through repetition, that these designs stand out.


In this collection, you can find all the designs that present all the letters of the alphabet of multiple languages, and numbers. Because even the written language, is technically someone's design. 

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