Animal Kingdom

Koi Fish

In Japanese culture, koi are symbols of perseverance in adversity and strength in purpose. Presenting these aspects of life in the most visually pleasing way possible, is what led to the creation of this design.

107.85 carat

757 stones

€ 46,000.00
Valued at:
€ 11,500.00
Starting Bid:

Peacock Feather

A single peacock feather is made out of so many little details, and each and every detail is more breath-taking than the next.

25.07 carat

1100 stones

€ 15,600.00
Valued at:
€ 3,900.00
Starting Bid:

Snake Skin

Instead of using real leather, we used sapphires to perfectly depict the pattern of a snake’s scaly skin. No animals were harmed in the making of this Deco-Gem.

166.00 carat

540 stones

€ 35,600.00
Valued at:
€ 8,900.00
Starting Bid:


Dragonflies freely wandering through the warm sapphire wind, is truly a sight to behold. To capture such an alluring sight, and frame it for an eternity, is what led to this design.

35.93 carat

1053 stones

€ 15,200.00
Valued at:
€ 3,800.00
Starting Bid:

Flamingo Feather

38.54 carat

1096 stones

€ 16,400.00
Valued at:
€ 4,100.00
Starting Bid:

Peacock Feathers Pattern

A peacock’s tail is made out of many feathers, and each and every single feather is absolutely stunning. Deco-Gems are made out of many little sapphires, each and every single gemstone is pretty, but it is only when those little stones come together and become something completely new, that they really shine. Just like a peacock’s feathers.

35.83 carat

660 stones

€ 15,600.00
Valued at:
€ 3,900.00
Starting Bid:

Busy Bee

45.71 carat

475 stones

€ 16,800.00
Valued at:
€ 4,200.00
Starting Bid:


22.44 carat

640 stones

€ 9,600.00
Valued at:
€ 2,400.00
Starting Bid:

Finding Nemo

If you love fishes, but don’t have enough time to take care of real ones, then this can be your very own sapphire aquarium.

34.13 carat

450 stones

€ 12,800.00
Valued at:
€ 3,200.00
Starting Bid:

Squiggly Squids

31.36 carat

735 stones

€ 12,000.00
Valued at:
€ 3,000.00
Starting Bid:

Butterfly Sky

42.03 carat

901 stones

€ 16,000.00
Valued at:
€ 4,000.00
Starting Bid: