Aztec Pillar

An exotic design and warm colours, make for an astonishingly beautiful Deco-Gem. This design can easily become the centerpiece of your home decoration.


42.56 carat

1418 stones

€ 18,400.00
Valued at:
€ 4,600.00
Starting Bid:

Flower Power

Inspired by the popular slogan of the 1970’s, Flower Power, this sapphire design will fit right into your peaceful home.

50.1 carat

835 stones

€ 21,400.00
Valued at:
€ 5,400.00
Starting Bid:


A sharp design and rich colours, this Deco-Gem is as Funkadelic as it gets.

62.18 carat

901 stones

€ 26,800.00
Valued at:
€ 6,700.00
Starting Bid:


The waves made out of warm colours of this design will drown out all the negativity in your life.

54.73 carat

702 stones

€ 23,200.00
Valued at:
€ 5,800.00
Starting Bid:

Tutti Frutti

Made out of colourful candy sapphires, this design is as sweet as candy.

64.20 carat

642 stones

€ 20,800.00
Valued at:
€ 5,200.00
Starting Bid:

Glamorous Crown

A design that combines the sharp lines of a crown with some funky colours, creating a design that can turn any room into a funky throne room.

44.54 carat

894 stones

€ 16,800.00
Valued at:
€ 4,200.00
Starting Bid:

Digital Dash

31.2 carat

520 stones

€ 12,000.00
Valued at:
€ 3,000.00
Starting Bid:

Get Groovy

20.97 carat

419 stones

€ 8,000.00
Valued at:
€ 2,000.00
Starting Bid:

Space Oddity

When looking at the lines in this design, it’s as if you’re seeing the path a spaceship has taken. The coloured sapphires shine as bright as the stars. This is the Deco-Gem for you if you’re the type of person that always aims for the stars.

28.94 carat

580 stones

€ 10,800.00
Valued at:
€ 2,700.00
Starting Bid:

Oh Faithful One

47.09 carat

406 stones

€ 12,400.00
Valued at:
€ 3,100.00
Starting Bid:

Disco Light

This Deco-Gem is the design that will bring back disco, so clean up your dusty old disco ball and get groovin’.

58.33 carat

296 stones

€ 18,400.00
Valued at:
€ 4,600.00
Starting Bid:

Magical Mummy

67.35 carat

742 stones

€ 18,000.00
Valued at:
€ 4,500.00
Starting Bid: