Odd Ones Out

Koi Fish

In Japanese culture, koi are symbols of perseverance in adversity and strength in purpose. Presenting these aspects of life in the most visually pleasing way possible, is what led to the creation of this design.

107.85 carat

757 stones

€ 46,000.00
Valued at:
€ 11,500.00
Starting Bid:


This design is based on the Buddhist concept of “The path to enlightenment”. Enlightenment is something attained through morality, meditation, and wisdom. Presenting this concept with the help of coloured sapphires has resulted into this beautiful design.

47.64 carat

1010 stones

€ 20,400.00
Valued at:
€ 5,100.00
Starting Bid:

Tetris Puzzle

We used princess cut sapphires for this design, they are sapphires that have been cut in a square shape. But not every single cut is the same, there are small differences between each and every stone. We created all kinds of different figures out of these sapphires, so we could create one of the fanciest games of Tetris in the world.

89.67 carat

1627 stones

€ 40,000.00
Valued at:
€ 10,000.00
Starting Bid:

JFK's Quote

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." – John F. Kennedy

This famous quote of JFK, was inspired by a similar quote from the Lebanese writer Kahlil Gibran. We wanted to design this quote in Arabic calligraphy, so we could emphasize how it has been influenced by both Eastern and Western culture.

37.99 carat

525 stones

€ 20,000.00
Valued at:
€ 5,000.00
Starting Bid:


The Lotus is a beautiful flower whose petals open one by one, but it can only grow in the mud. It represents beauty in adversity. Something that is especially important during these trying times. Our way of presenting the beauty of this flower, and the importance of its meaning, is through the use of natural sapphires.

98.54 carat

733 stones

€ 42,000.00
Valued at:
€ 10,500.00
Starting Bid:


Tough, spiky, and dangerous. That’s what comes to mind when thinking about barbwire, and that’s what we were going for with this design. A dangerous look, but with the help of pink sapphires, it is presented in a very sophisticated way.

21.36 carat

1282 stones

€ 9,200.00
Valued at:
€ 2,300.00
Starting Bid:

Dia de los Muertos

This design is based off of the multi-day holiday called “Dia de los Muertos”. The eccentric colours, combined with the dreadful figure of a skull, are polar opposites of each other. That’s why when you combine them, they create something hauntingly beautiful.

45.77 carat

662 stones

€ 19,600.00
Valued at:
€ 4,900.00
Starting Bid:

Calaveras Earrings

The sugar skulls, also known as the Calaveras, that are used in the multi-day holiday called “Dia de los Muertos”, were an inspiration for this design.

33.43 carat

276 stones

€ 14,400.00
Valued at:
€ 3,600.00
Starting Bid:

Calavera Pendant

The sugar skulls, also known as the Calaveras, that are used in the multi-day holiday called “Dia de los Muertos”, were an inspiration for this design.

22.79 carat

159 stones

€ 10,000.00
Valued at:
€ 2,500.00
Starting Bid:


Every single zodiac sign has its own unique properties. This design is a combination of them all, under a starry sapphire night.

21.84 carat

370 stones

€ 8,000.00
Valued at:
€ 2,000.00
Starting Bid:

First Sign of Talent

This Deco-Gem was designed by the five year old daughter of one of our designers. This piece emphasizes just how much we want appreciate talent, no matter how young or inexperienced the designer is. 

50.65 carat

1013 stones

€ 27,200.00
Valued at:
€ 6,800.00
Starting Bid:

Red Tsunami

Movement is what this Deco-Gem is all about. Every single little sapphire is placed in a way that makes it look like the whole design is moving. And it is this movement that represents the waves of the Red Tsunami.

79.16 carat

617 stones

€ 25,200.00
Valued at:
€ 6,300.00
Starting Bid:

Hot 'n Cold

The cold blue colours serve a stark contrast to the warm yellow colours in this design. This is the Deco-Gem that matches every single one of the four seasons.

105.91 carat

363 stones

€ 28,000.00
Valued at:
€ 7,000.00
Starting Bid:

Domino Puzzle

Tons of little sapphire gemstones, are making up colourful domino pieces, which in turn make up this Deco-Gem. Every single piece in this design is just as important as the rest.

98.03 carat

1653 stones

€ 42,000.00
Valued at:
€ 10,500.00
Starting Bid: