Sapphires are a gem-variety of the mineral corundum. However, that doesn’t mean they’re purely made out of corundum. Depending on what other elements are mixed in with corundum, it takes on almost every single colour under the rainbow. They’re available in blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, purple, grey, black, brown, and even colourless, so there’s a colour for everyone.


The only colour you can’t find sapphires in is red, because the red variety of corundum is considered a ruby. It is this combination of variety in colours and quality in the stone that inspired us to create the Deco-Gems. 

The History of Sapphires

Sapphires are a precious stone that has always been sought after and adored throughout the ages. They’re stones that were very important to a lot of different cultures in history. From the Greeks and Romans, to the Persians and even the Catholic Church. Sapphires were always adored.


But what the sapphire stone meant to different cultures naturally was different from one another. But what all those different types of people had in common, was that they loved sapphires.

Our Sapphire Story

The sapphire is a precious stone, rich in colour and history. We wanted to perfectly accentuate the essence of the sapphire, to break away from traditional jewellery and to focus on the gemstone itself. That's how we came up with Deco-Gems

By not using any other materials that would only distract you from the sapphires' splendour, we were able to create an environment where every single stone was able to shine in their own unique way. We did this, because we believed that even the smallest stones together, can shine brighter than the biggest diamond.