Our Story

Dayekh, the finest jewellery store in Antwerp.

Dayekh is a family run business, now into its second generation. This means that our philosophies and policies have changed quite a bit throughout the years. The focus of our company has shifted from obtaining the biggest gemstones, to creating the best designs in jewellery. Because with the help of great designers, even the smallest of sapphire stones together can shine brighter than the biggest diamond.

Creating the best designs, out of the best materials. That’s what Dayekh believes in. And in order to uphold those beliefs, we have started making Deco-Gems.

​Deco-Gems are modern-day paintings, made out of natural sapphires, that are used as decoration for your home. We have over 120 different designs, and each and every one of them can turn your home into an art gallery.

After being in the jewellery business for over 40 years, we have accumulated a lot of stock through the occasional deals. This stock is mainly made up of melee sapphires that are unsorted, uncalibrated and mixed up in all different colours and shapes.  We just put this stock in a safe and haven’t used any of them for 25 years. And they probably would have never been used, if we never came up with the idea of creating Deco-Gems.